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How To- Pinecone place card Part Two

Posted by Danielle Golding on 4th Nov 2021

Here is our simple pinecone place card tutorial part two. It is super easy to do and only requires few things to complete. There are also so many different variations to chose from, you could use lots of glitter, dip them in paint, even add a little bow.

What you will need to make your own pinecone place card :


Small log slices

Spray adhesive

Artificial Snow

Step One:

In a well ventilated area spray the pinecone using spray adhesive.

Step Two:

Pour some artificial snow into a bow or cup and dip in the pinecone. You could also just shake the snow on to the pinecone however this way you only get a light dusting of snow, whereas we wanted to have good coverage.

Step Three:

To finish it off we used a hot glue gun to attach a red berry to the top of the pinecone and then glued it to a log slice.

All that is left to do now its set your Christmas table and write on your guests names... Enjoy

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